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Pat Windham



I have loved photography as long as I can remember. I had a camera that used a flash bulb (remember that?!). The One Step (it could take a good picture) just don't be too far away or have too much motion. LORL!


My pictures represent humanity and the world in its simplest form. Beauty is everywhere… I want to Capture It! Telling a story with a picture, reporting with a camera, recording a moment in time, the fleeting moment when an image sums up a story. It can be a picture of a Sunrise or Sunset or that Gorgeous Skyline. It can be a detail photo of a formation of fighter planes or that race car driver handling the curve. It can be moments captured in Bahamas, Florida, California, and Atlanta or around the world. And it can be a portrait of a beautiful model or a corporate executive.


I have always wanted to take that photo that said it all. If you weren't there... You wanted to be and I want to be able to share my photos with the world.


I will Always be “Picturing Better Days!”

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